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Project Update


Our phased project has:

interior work close to complete on the Cottages

drywall going up inside the multi-family building

and the Federal house has walls, a roof, and is ready for winter!

We plan to move in starting end of 2023, through Spring of 2024 







Drone video 11-4-2023


Homes Available

We are pleased to announce that ALL of our
market rate units
are now reserved!

We are now offering a few below market rate homes.

Call or email us for more information

All 26 private homes are designed for aging in place and are either one- or two-bedroom homes with a single floor design.


Common Space

The Common House will be located in the renovated 1990s house on site. This will be the heart of the community, with a large kitchen to prepare group meals, a dining area, and multi-purpose rooms for gatherings.  Additional shared common space will be available in our adjacent post and beam barn. We plan to build a community garden near these two buildings.


The grounds have walking paths between homes, nooks for sitting and visiting with friends, and new shade trees and plantings. Many units will have either small porches, terraces, or balconies.  Carports and outdoor parking spaces are located on the periphery so that we can safely be 
free range

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