Get Involved!

How to Learn More and Become an Explorer

First: Learn about Hager Homestead and cohousing

  • Read The Senior Cohousing Handbook by Charles Durrett. This is the only book dedicated to the topic of senior cohousing.

  • Explore the website of the Cohousing Association of America

  • Watch architect Grace Kim's TED Talk on cohousing "How cohousing can make us happier (and live longer)"

  • Visit our Resources page for more information

Learn about Hager Homestead


Second: Become an Explorer

To decide first-hand if Hager Homestead is a good fit for you, we invite you to become an Explorer for three months for a fee of $250. This is a low risk and enjoyable opportunity to get to know our community

As an Explorer, you will

  • Attend our monthly all-community meetings (Zoom), which are devoted to learning, feedback, and community building

  • Join our social gatherings (Zoom).  We gather for TGIF Happy Hour and the weekly Fiber Arts group. We schedule socially distanced in-person gatherings outdoors, weather permitting.

  • Participate in a “pod.” When the COVID-19 crisis began, we set up these small support groups to keep tabs on each other’s mental and physical health and stay connected socially. They’ve been a big success and are a great way to get to know each other better. 

  • Sit in on a department team meeting and learn what makes Hager Homestead tick. Teams meet at least once a month. Choose a team that fits your skills and interests – e.g., marketing, membership, process, administration (legal and finance), development, or community life.  This is a great way to see our governance system, sociocracy, in action. You’ll participate in discussions and bring your gifts to the work of this project.

  • Review our community’s documents (e.g., legal papers and designs) and learn how our organization works. Members of our work teams will be glad to work with you to make sure you get answers to your questions. 

  • Attend trainings or workshops we offer (sociocracy trainings and development workshops are scheduled in early 2021)

  • If you decide to become a Member at the end of your Explorer period, your $250 will be credited toward your Member Fee ($500).


Next Steps: 


Schedule an Orientation meeting with our membership team!

Contact Priscilla:

Explorer Benefits

As an Explorer you can get to know us, see if cohousing is for you, and find out if Hager Homestead is the community you've been looking for.

  • Learn about our project, development timeline and all the details - from inside the tent.

  • You'll get a buddy - one of our members who will help you navigate the community, get to know the group, and answer your questions.

  • See our governance system, sociocracy, in action. As an Explorer, you'll participate in discussions and bring your voice to decision making in the community

At the end of your three month Explorer period, we hope you'll join us as a full member.