Who Are We? 

Life's journey

We range in age from our 50 to early 80s, with most of us in our 60s.  We are divorced, widowed, and married.  Most of us have adult children and some have grandchildren. 

Most of us are from Massachusetts.  We have some members from other parts of the U.S.

Work & Careers

Some of us work full- or part-time:  others are busily retired.

Heading 5

Passions & Avocations











contra dancing

choral singing

craft cooking

classical music


craft cooking

cars and motorcycles

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Now More than Ever, Community Matters...


In October, we gathered to celebrate again.

What could be better than dogs, food, and friends on an autumn afternoon?!!

May 2021 party.jpeg

Thanks to science and vaccination, we can finally meet face-to-face again.

We broke out the pom-poms again in May and gathered outside to celebrate with a banquet of food, wine, and much-needed, long-delayed conversation

One Permit Party is Not Enough!

A Big Leap Forward in January 2021


In January our project took a Big Leap Forward with town permits for the site in Littleton, MA

We gathered to celebrate with a view of our future common house in the background

Annual Holiday Party - on Zoom!


We ushered in the New Year of 2021 at our annual Holiday party, the first by Zoom

(and we hope the last).

Here we share items from the virtual scavenger hunt ("something red"). 

We ended with a candle-lighting and reading of ‘The Shortest Day.’

We are a group of households living in the Greater Boston metro area.

We range in age from our 50's to early 80's, with most of us in our 60's. We are divorced, widowed, and married. Most of us have adult children and some have grandchildren. 

Work & Careers - Half of us are working, full-time or part-time. We have held a wide variety of jobs - check out our member profiles to find out more.

Passions & Avocations - We're an active bunch with interests that include:

Hiking, rowing, biking, swimming, kayaking, flower and vegetable gardening, quilting, knitting, playing classical music (flute, harp, piano), choral singing, contra dancing, craft cooking, pottery making, yoga/meditation, and restoring vintage cars, scooters and motorcycles